Time saving

A large amount of clothes that you bring with you can be loaded into several washing machines and be washed at the same time.

The washing time in our laundromat is 30-40 minutes. And this is significant time savings compared to domestic washing machine.

Washed clothes do not have to be hanged on a cord, but can be immediately dried in our industrial dryers.

The clothes will be dry in about 20 minutes and almost with no wrinkles because of large drum of the industrial dryer. Just fold your clothes and keep your iron in a closet.

Saving money

When self-service laundry is easily available there is no need to invest in domestic washing machine. Thus worries about its transport and installation at home, water and electricity consumption, repairing when broken etc. can be avoided.

Industrial dryer have a large diameter drum and that is why the clothes have almost no creases after drying. This eliminates the necessity of ironing and saves electricity consumption of the iron.

You can take advantage of a big 14kg washer in our laundromat. You can wash bulky items in this machine instead of bringing them to dry-cleaners. In laundromat you pay per load, not per item like at dry-cleaners.

Better washing quality

Industrial washing machines with large drums with patented cascade surface and "PowerWash" system have much better washing performance compared to the domestic washing machine.

Industrial machines wash clothes better, gentler and faster than domestic washing machine.

Everything under control

In the Quickwash laundromat you load the washing machine with your clothes, add the detergent and select washing program by yourself. In some laundries, washing machines can be equipped with automatic dosing of detergent and softener, which are automatically fed exactly according to the selected program.

When doing your laundry in the Quickwash laundromat you can be sure that your clothes do not mix with the clothes of other customers (like it might be the case at the dry-cleaners).

Simplicity and clarity

Our washers and dryers are very easy to operate, no worries about it.

You will find washing and drying instruction sheets clearly positioned in the laundromat. That is just for the case you are not sure about the next step.

Improved hygiene

You can wash blankets, pillows, covers for mattresses, sleeping bags etc. in the Quickwash laundromat. These items cannot be washed at home and are rarely handed to the cleaners otherwise.

And have you come across how to wash bulky plush toy or an ice hockey dress ? So hurry up to your Quickwash.

The social aspect

The Quickwash laundromat can become a regular meeting place of friends, classmates, mothers with babies etc. A lot of topics can be discussed while your clothes are being washed.

You can take advantage of free internet. Thus you can do your e-mails or skype to your friends.

And maybe you meet a new acquaintance ;-)