... a network of branded self-service laundries with a sophisticated franchise concept.
    First Quickwash laundromat was opened in April 2014 as a pilot project. The second Quickwash was opened in June 2015 in Havirov.
    We are currently working on other laundromats in Ostrava and in other regions.

    • December 2013 Beginning of getting ready

      First plans of providing our customers with a new service
    • May 2014Opening of the first laundromat

      Quickwash at Ostrava city center
    • October 20141000th customer

    • June 2015Opening of the second laundromat

      Quickwash in Havířov
    • March 2016Opening of the third laundromat

      Quickwash in Louny
    • April 2016Opening of the fourth laundromat

      Quickwash in Prague
    • May 2016Opening of the fifth laundromat

      Second Quickwash in Ostrava (Poruba)
    • September 2016Opening of the sixth laundromat

      Quickwash in Chomutov