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"Drop-off" service

This service enables you to leave your linen to the attendant for washing drying and folding.

The service is available:

MO-SU 8:00 - 20:00

Surcharge for "Drop-off" service is 90 CZK per load.


Shirt, blouse 40 CZK
Trousers, skirt 30 CZK
T-shirt, shorts 20 CZK
Napkin 10 CZK
Handkerchief 5 CZK


Pillow cover 10 CZK
Duvet cover 20 CZK
Bed sheet 20 CZK
Dishtowel 10 CZK
Table-cloth small 10 CZK
Table-cloth large (ca 140x90cm) 20 CZK
Curtains (1 pcs ca 200x100cm) 30 CZK
Bed sheet double bed 40 CZK
Duvet cover double bed 40 CZK
Discount on ironing 50% if "Drop-off" service is used.

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